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Our Initiatives

Food Forests

We are excited to partner with the Cincinnati Permaculture Institute and the Cincinnati Urban Agriculture program to install three food forests in Westwood this spring! Join us for the fun and have a good time with your neighbors May 22nd, 28th and 30th 6:00-8:00pm. Email us for details and to sign up!


Spring Workshops

Spring came early to the region and we jumped in with free workshops and seed donations to build a strong network of neighbors. Thanks to those who came out to see us at the East Westwood Springfest, the Werk Road Great Park walk and the Westwood Branch Library. 

These workshops were funded by a grant from Westwood Works and we are so grateful.

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Garden Map

Click here to check out the map

To add your garden please send an email to: with three pictures of your garden, your street address and a short description of your garden philosophy, favorite plants, etc. 

Seed Donations

We love sharing seeds and plants to our neighbors. Find us at a local community event, visit the Westwood Branch Library or email us to request seeds. Have seeds to share? Let's swap!

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