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Our Initiatives

Spring Workshops

Spring came early to the region and we jumped in with free workshops and seed donations to build a strong network of neighbors. Our inaugural workshop was at My Neighbor's Place; which will be one of our 2023 "food forest" sites! 

Check out our workshop page for details on upcoming events.

Story Walk

We sought a way to engage with students and teachers in the elementary school;  supporting their efforts to bring students outside and into the garden. This story walk provides a guided tour of the school campus while giving students an opportunity to practice their literacy skills.

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Garden Map

Click here to check out the map

To add your garden please send an email to: with three pictures of your garden, your street address and a short description of your garden philosophy, favorite plants, etc. 

Seed Donations

We love sharing seeds and plants to our neighbors. Find us at a local community event, visit the Westwood Public Library or email us to request seeds. Have seeds to share? Let's swap!

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